00:00 - [IT] Italy Online Day

EVERY Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm you are all invited
to choose your preferred FIR airport that you will find in the calendar.
You can't miss it! We are waiting for you!

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17:00 - [UA] Ukraine Online Day

IVAO Ukraine is pleased to announce the start of Online Evenings in Ukraine! We're waiting for all of you every Tuesday from 17:00z in Ukrainian airspace! And stay tuned for further updates as we have many interesting things to come!

For charts and sceneries refer to our website: http://en.ivao-ua.com/

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17:00 - [RO] Romania Online Day

IVAO Romania invites you to participate to "Romania Online Day" every Tuesday between 17:00 and 20:00 UTC.

To obtain the Romania Online Day ATC badge you must control in 25 sessions during the online day.


Members outside of the RO division must have GCA.

Each control session will be reported in the MODA System under the ODATC20 Tour.

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17:00 - [SK] Online Tuesdays

Online days of Slovak Division

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18:00 - [CZ] Czech Online Day

Fly to fully controlled Prague FIR! More information on the link below.

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18:00 - [SI] Slovenia Online Evening

IVAO Slovenia Online Evening every Tuesday from 1800UTC till 2100UTC. We welcome you to our airports.

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18:00 - [SK] SQF5605 Memorial Flight

Dear pilots, join us during our annual event of SQF5605 Memorial Flight. This flight, which occured on 19th January 2006 was carrying Slovak peacekeepers from Kosovo, back home to Kosice. At around 18:38z the flight disappeared from the radars - the airplane crashed in snowy and forested terrain on Borso Hill with elevation of 700 meters, near the Hungarian village of Hejce. Just 3 kilometers from Slovak border and 20 kilometers from the destination. With 43 people on board, there was only one survivor. The crash still remains as the deadliest in Slovak history. Come and fly from Pristina to Kosice to remember this sad event, ATC services will be ready for you.

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