18:00 - [AT] Vienna Calling

Every Thursday we set ourselves the goal to make Vienna the highlight of the day. We want to turn heads and make all IVAO eyes look at us. Bundle ATC and pilots at the hotspot of Vienna Calling and make Viennas airspace burn.
Enjoy the combination of LOWW, IVAO and Thursday as a constant for traffic, quality and wow experiences.
Together we bring a breath of fresh air to the Austrian Division and the entire network.

WHEN: Every Thursday, 18Z to 20Z

WHERE: From Vienna Delivery, Ground, Tower, Radar, Arrival to Centre.

Pilots, get into the cockpit, file your flight plan and let's go! Sorry… my bad. Let‘s fly!

Make sure to collect OD points. Simply file a report after each participation. At the end of the year the Division Spirit-Award will be given to the most active pilot.

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18:00 - [XA] North America Online Day

Have you ever wanted to see the North American skies full with pilots and ATC? Join us every Thursday evening for the North America Online Day and let's make it happen!

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20:00 - [19 JAN | 17z - 20z] [SK] SQF5605 Memorial Flight

Dear pilots, join us during our annual event of SQF5605 Memorial Flight. This flight, which occured on 19th January 2006 was carrying Slovak peacekeepers from Kosovo, back home to Kosice. At around 18:38z the flight disappeared from the radars - the airplane crashed in snowy and forested terrain on Borso Hill with elevation of 700 meters, near the Hungarian village of Hejce. Just 3 kilometers from Slovak border and 20 kilometers from the destination. With 43 people on board, there was only one survivor. The crash still remains as the deadliest in Slovak history. Come and fly from Pristina to Kosice to remember this sad event, ATC services will be ready for you.

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