05:00 - [XO] Oceanic Region - Sunday Online

Welcome to IVAO Oceanic Region Sunday Online!

Our weekly Sunday afternoon flight which takes place in its traditional kick off time of 0500z. Each week will see a different point to point flight giving current and NEW Members the chance to fly together along with experiencing some ATC in the Oceanic Region to go with it.

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13:00 - [IT] Password Event

Take on exciting knowledge duel with Venice or Verona Tower during final!
You need to give a correct answer for two "true of false" questions to get a the landing clearance.
Expect "go around" + "holding procedure" in case of wrong answer, or to be diverted in Venice/Verona in case of double mistake!

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17:00 - [NO] Midsummer Tromsø Fly-In

On June 25th (17-21 UTC), only a few days after Midsummer, it is time to grab your wings and fly to or from Tromsø Langnes airport, the biggest airport in Northern Norway and situated well above the artic circle. Each day Tromsø is served by Norwegian, SAS and Widerøe.

The Nordic Region division is looking forward to offer you the best and friendliest ATC service and to share this beautiful part of Scandinavia with you all!

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18:00 - [HR] Croatia Online Evening

Croatia Online Evening is organised every Sunday from 18:00z. Come and join us, expect extended ATC service and enjoy the magnificent scenery of our country.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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19:00 - [CL] Chile Online Day

Se trata de un evento todos los Domingos desde las 19:00z, en el cual puedes controlar en la posición que prefieras, y volar en la aeronave que prefieras.

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