00:00 - [EVERY SUNDAY | 00Z - 03Z] UY ONLINE DAY

Welcome to Online Day of the Uruguayan division of IVAO!
We are waiting for you throughout Uruguay with a great ATC service

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10:00 - [27 MAY | 10z-16z] [HQ+TH+IN+ID+XO+HK] South Asia Online 3.0

IVAO Thailand Division, in cooperation with Hong Kong, India and Indonesia Divisions and Oceanic Region, invites you to join our third iteration of South Asia Online Edition 3 event, which will be held on Sunday, 27 May 2018 between 1000Z to 1600Z.

This time, you’ll be flying to Don Mueang International Airport (VTBD) from one of these airports:

Darwin International Airport (YPDN)
Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)
Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (WIII)
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (VOHS)

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11:00 - [HQ+XA+PL] Warsaw Washington Airbridge

XA and PL divisions are proud to present this airbridge in cooperation with HQ! On 27th May 2018 from 11:00Z to 22:00Z we invite you to join our airbridge from Warsaw Chopin (EPWA) to Washington Dulles Int (KIAD)!

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18:00 - [HR] Croatia Online Evening

Croatia Online Evening is organised every Sunday from 18:00z. Come and join us, expect extended ATC service and enjoy the magnificent scenery of our country.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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19:00 - [CL] Chile Online Day

Chile Online Day takes place every Sunday from 19:00z. Come and join us, full ATC coverage service and a escalated rate of pilots in the skies.

We hope see you there.

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