00:00 - CL Online Evening

Come and fly at Chilean Airspace, all sundays. Between 2000 - 23000z

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17:00 - Innsbruck Reopening

Event Date: 31st of October 2021
Event Time: 1700z - 2100z
Event Type: Fly in/out
Country: Austria
Airports involved: LOWI

Dear Pilots,

since 20th of September 2021 the runway at Innsbruck airport is closed to get some new shiny look. On 18th October 2021 it will be opened again and the airport in the heart of the Austrian Alps will be open again. That's reason enough for us to host a Fly In/out from Innsbruck. Not only the Runway is new but also the approach frequency to get some better quality on radio communication between all our mountains. Take your aircraft out of the hangar and check out the new runway in LOWI. ;)

As you might know LOWI is one of the hardest airports to fly to, we ask you to know your aircraft, know how to fly holdings, headings, altitudes and the different approaches. LOWI does NOT have an ILS. ;)

Hope to see you this evening.

Your AT Event Department in cooperation with HQ.

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18:00 - [ES+IT] Cagliari - Valencia

Airbridge between two sides of Mediterranean Sea! Join us on October 31st (Halloween Night) on a dual-way airbridge between Cagliari and Valencia!

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