16:00 - SIBERIA shuttle: UNNT-USSS

Russian division is proud to present our first event in this year.
Two main Siberian airports USSS (Ekaterinbourg, Kolstovo) & UNNT (Novosibirsk, Tolmachevo)- will be covered by ATC service during four hours. Dont lose you chance to flight in controlled airspace between two most beautiful free sceneries in Russia.
Dont forget to wear warm clothes because in Siberia temperature may drop to 30 degrees centigrade and check your frost resistance.
See you there and good luck!

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16:00 - Tunis <> Izmir - Aerial Bridge Event

Tunisian and Turkish divisions are proud to invite you to the first edition of the "Tunisia & Turkey Aerial Bridge" Event..

Tunis Carthage (DTTA) <> İzmir Adnan Menderes (LTBJ)

February 15, 2009 @ 16h00 Zulu

Full ATC coverage at both airports & maybe enroute services..

Bring your wings and enjoy the warmth of the "Mediterranean"..

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