IVAO is, and will always be, free of charge for its members. We pride ourselves as an organisation that is available to anybody, anywhere in the world, to engage with the hobby we all love so much.

However, as a not-for-profit organisation, one of IVAOs main sources of funding is the generous donations we regularly receive from members. In 2013, your support and generosity was essential, and enabled us to expand our technical architecture and fund many divisions to attend real world events and conferences.

We have ambitious plans for the future, and need your help again to continue to ensure IVAO is a leading global brand in the Flight Simulation world and beyond.

Rest-assured, IVAO is a legal not-for-profit organisation, and all donations are properly accounted for and reported, and all go directly towards IVAO's costs and development - nothing else! It is not the amount that matters; it is the act of donating that helps. Any amount you are able to give is incredibly helpful and generous.

The IVAO Association currently accepts donations through Paypal or by direct deposit into IVAO's NPO bank account.

In all cases we recommend everyone to perform the donation through wire transfer to IVAO's NPO bank account as this involves no transaction costs. PayPal charges transaction costs of 3.4 percent on your donation.

Bank account

To deposit your donation directly into our Belgian bank account, you can use the following information:

Account holder:
IVAO vzw/asbl
Werfstraat 89
1570 Galmaarden

IBAN: BE73 9792 4833 5260
BIC: ARSPBE22 (aka SWIFT-code)
Payment description: IVAO NPO Donation

If you are a registered IVAO user, please login here, so that your VID is included within the payment description!