MTL - Multiplayer Library

The MTL catalog is an index of all available aircraft in the IVAO MTL system. Its purpose is to help you to find the most accurate model, matching to the aircraft that you fly in your simulator. The models presented here are parts of the MTL (Multiplayer Traffic Library), available to all IVAO members as freeware to be used in combination with IvAp (IVAO Pilot Client).

X-CSL, an IVAO partner project, provides the same multiplayer library support for the X-Plane simulator


IvAc Manual
IvAc Sector File Format
MTL Rules & Requirements

IvAi - IVAO Interface

IVAO Interface allows you to connect multiple devices to the IVAO network through a single account and can facilitate:

  • Multi-crew flights, by connecting two simulators
  • Multiple radar screens by running IvAc on separate monitors

The IVAO Interface is available for Windows and Linux


IvAi - IVAO Interface

HAL - ATC Training Simulator

HAL is a server-based controller training system. It can create almost any number of "fake" aircraft that fly in controlled airspace and follow text instructions given by the controller. These aircraft are visible on the Radar and to other pilots.

The simulator is connected to a dedicated training server. All sessions must be overseen by a qualified instructor.

FSD - Server Software

FSD is the server software used by IVAO. The software makes it possible for controllers to see pilots, and for pilots to see other pilots. The software was originally developed by Marty Bochane but has been updated by IVAO since.