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IVAO offers a rating transfer to its users who hold real-world ATC or Pilot licences, or hold ATC ratings at VATSIM. As VATSIM does not offer a pilot career, transfer of pilot ratings is not possible.

Please note: The rating transfer is a voluntary offer by IVAO towards its users. The offer may be withdrawn entirely in the future or denied individually, by decision of IVAO Training Department, IVAO Executive or the DIR/ADIR of the member's division.


To be eligible for a rating transfer, the applicant has to fulfil certain requirements:

Conversion of licences

The conversion of real-world ratings or licences as well as VATSIM's ATC ratings into IVAO ratings is centered around the abilities we expect the applicant to possess. Ratings not shown are not eligible for transfer.

ATC   Pilot
Real World VATSIM IVAO Minimum Hours (*) Real World IVAO Minimum Hours (*)
Aerodrome Controller TMA Controller (S3) ADC 25 PPL or CPL without IR PP 25
Approach Controller Enroute Controller (C1) APC 40 PPL or CPL or ATPL with IR SPP 40
Area Controller Senior Controller (C3) ACC 50 CPL or ATPL with IR and MEL CP 50
no transfer no transfer SEC no transfer ATP

(*) Hours can be reduced if the Division has checked the ability of the applicant.

Rating transfer process

The process of any rating transfer involves certain people to advocate and validate the request. It should be followed carefully to enable rapid completion.

Attaining higher ratings after a rating transfer

Should the applicant of any rating transfer wish to advance to a higher IVAO rating, he will have to complete the normal theoretical and practical exam for the desired rating.

Downgrade after a rating transfer

In exceptional cases, there may be reasons to downgrade a user who holds the privilege of a rating transfer. Reasons for a downgrade may include, but are not limited to:

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