Welcome to IVAO's Automated Training Assignment System. The system allows you to request a training in your division. 


Once a request has been submitted the system will create a new training (and training request number) with an assigned IVAO certified trainer. Your assigned trainer will then get in contact with you to organize your training sessions.

Each training session will have a summary report written by your trainer which is then listed in your profile.

You can request either pilot or ATC training for your current or next available rating. The system ensures that all trainers are sufficiently qualified and rated for the type of training you requested.

If your division does not have any sufficiently rated trainer then IVAO HQ training department will assign one to you.

Please make sure you have enough available spare since all trainings should be completed within one (1) month after the request was submitted.

Check your status or request training

Now, if you are ready, you can check your status or request a new training, by opening the training status page.