TeamSpeak voice software

Welcome to Teamspeak pages. Here you'll find manuals to learn "How connect to IVAO TeamSpeak servers". You have in the menu a link to a page with Rules to use TeamSpeak. Don't hesitate contact our staff members if you have doubts about the use of this new software.

TEAMSPEAK is now the official voice program of IVAO


Q: Why is voice quality very bad on IVATBE

A: If not for ATC in Belgium, PLEASE connect to another server, it has only a small capacity, so max. 30 users!! Controllers, please check the who's connected, to find end select the server with the fewest users on it.

Q :RWTS does not switch channels when using SB

A : First check:

1. 'Use Roger Wilco' must be checked in SB when connecting to the network
2. The controller must have something like (server/channel) as the first line in his ATIS and be online on that TS-server and on that channel

If still not working, reinstall the software :

0. deinstall RW, TS and RWTS (run RWTS to deinstall it)
1. make sure you have the RW version from IVAO download site installed
2. make sure you have the TS version from IVAO download site installed
3. download RWTS and put RWTS.EXE in a folder
4. run RWTS
5. DO NOT delete RWTS from the folder