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The Flight Operations Department's goal is to assist you in anyway we can during your time as a pilot on IVAO. We'll provide you the best documentation, service and any other help you may need to make your flights 'as real as it gets'.

We invite you to take full advantage of the materials and links you will find in this sections - we do our best to keep our website always up to date, so check our pages on a regular base for updates.

If you have any questions or comments concerning Flight Operations, feel free to contact your division FOC (you will find the complete list herea) or the Flight Operations senior staff members here.

Michael Wethereld

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Flight Operations Director

Peter Ermerins

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Flight Operations Assistant Director

February 10, 2014

The Flight Operations Department published Staff circular n� 5, about the correct procedure for a VA to change the CEO

You can find this new document (for staff only) in the Flightops admin menu under Flight Operations Staff circulars.

Cédric Cuménal, IVAO-FOAD


June 01, 2012

VA rules & requirements was updated


You can look at them by clicking here.

Cédric Cuménal, IVAO-FOAD